Saturday, December 19, 2009

Travelogue coming up :)

I am back after a long break. Mostly because of a lack of inspiration to write.

I am presently travelling in NewZealand and I thought it would be a good idea for me to document what I discover over 7 weeks of my stay in NZ

What I am mostly doing : Reading, cycling, playing badminton, watching the blueish green water, dreaming, watching movies, cooking and soon will be backpacking around NZ

Cutting this drab introduction nonsense, I hope to use this blog as a way of reminiscing my days spent here.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Short Verses

Rising sun, waking up to the melody of waves

Rising spirits, waking up to the call of the melody

Walking on wood, seeking the red fire in shining armory

Soul walking, seeking unison with the fire within

Legs limping, thriving for the water of limpidness

Feet feeling, being washed off the past

My “I” searching, looking for the meaning

As the melody, fire and water unite, rendering a perspective

Difficult to learn and different to watch

My eyes have opened to the elements

Short Verses from a highly energized soul that found heaven in “a place which holds trash for the sun’s adverse effect on man"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Striking Lightening

Calling, 91-44-26542528

Hello, Hi Amma
How was your day ?

Hi kutta.. My day has been good. Just reading the newspaper

Its raining Cats and Dogs here. The thunder struck my ear chords. The lightening brightened my eyes. I feel very aloof and unprotected. I feel like I am going to be moved from here for eternity. I don't want to leave. I want to enjoy being here, being successful, being among the loved ones and still scared of lightening and thunder. Will I be escalated to another world ? I don't want to leave you. Will you come here and be by my side during times of lightening and thunder ?

Looks like the lightening is bringing back memories to you. None can touch you, not even the lightening. You will be here to enjoy every bit of what you are doing. During such times, imagine me in your favourite saree sitting beside you. Reassuring that things will be ok.

Thanks for the reassurance. I love the way you say you will be there for me. Love you amma. Can you sing Kurai Ondrum Illai for me ?


Monday, November 26, 2007

To indulge in reminiscence

Recent Addictions:
I understand sounds and music,
There is no need for a language
if you can understand the language of the heart.

( inspiration from Katrin Mozhi , from the movie Mozhi)


Two gals , the elder one and the younger one sat before their old taperecorder, plugging in cassettes. The elder one being the elder one wrote down lyrics in Tamil for Yennavale, from the movie Kadhalan incomprehensible by the younger. The younger one trained in carnatic music picked up the lyrics instantly. They sat sipping coffee listening and singing Yennavale on Play, Stop, Play, Stop repeatedly till late evening.

(A small dedication to my sis, Suchitra)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whether you know me or not

From the diary of Smitha,

Battle between whether he knows or I know.

As the three of us were waiting for my car, Sneha and her friend were talking and I happened to mention that I know my best friend, Sneha more than he knows her jokingly
Sneha told me " Ah ! No! He knows me better"
Its not a battle of who knows who. It just needn't have been mentioned so bluntly. Sigh I hit the sacks now! Yawn"


The book that didnt get the Man Booker Prize 2007

This book by Indira Sinha was nominated for the Man Booker Prize 2007. It didn't win the booker but yet shouts the sufferings of one who was affected by the Bhopal Union Carbide's explosion.

The author pays tribute to a friend that suffered from an irreparable loss- mental problem

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Have you ever felt a drive , to find out the meaning of your identity to others ? Identity: as how people know me. As what I am to them. There I set out to find the meaning in me- My name: Saranya.

Saranya- one of the other names by which Goddess Durga is known to mankind.Saranya - one who gives shelter to those who come for help.

Sanskrit word- Saranyu , wife of Surya Bhagavan, chief solar diety. Saranyu , goddess of dawn and clouds who having turned herself into a mare is persued by Visvaswat(god surya) and becomes the mother of two Asvins, divine twin horsemen in the Rig Veda.
Saranyu - meaning quick , fleet nimble.

What is the significance of a name? When one is born, three names are whispered into one's ear according to the hindu tradition. Is name just an identity ? Till now, it was for me. I never had the urge to find out what my name means. Infact many dont even address me by my formal name. We have nick names, loved ones call us by different names. How significant is the name to your personality ? When one is born, how do we know that he/she is going to acquire certain qualities ? With a name like Saranya, am I expected to possess the quality of being protective ? I do not search for these answers, but I hope to discover them some day

Monday, July 09, 2007

Exercise Care while entraining and detraining

The southern railways passenger train was jostling and turning and finally reaching its destination- Chennai Beach Station. No whistles heard because it was just one of those passenger trains that unload their office-going crowd every 7 minutes and load office-going crowd to Tambaram station. The train was beaming at the Green Signal given to it as it was about to touch the beach station. The passengers woke up with a jolt after their short nap. There was this gal in a khadi kurta, making those wild faces because it was a Monday morning. Not even bothering to grin at her co-passengers. She was relieved that her destination had been reached, but was already moarning the walk up the overhead bridge to her workplace. She reached for the door and was getting too impatient to walk to the bridge. As soon as she spotted the train passing the overhead bridge, she placed her foot out of the train and didn’t manage to place both her feet at once. Thug and there she landed like a frog on the platform. Hands outstretched for help. Bag strewn away. Spectacles out of her nose and thrown at a distance. As she came to realize what had happened , she thought “ how come those college fellas that get out of a moving train never ever manage to fall “ or even “ how come Rajinikant doesn’t slip a step when he does one of his jumps from one train to another”. Then she came to her senses, picked herself up and rushed to the overhead bridge acting as though she was in a real hurry atleast to justify her actions to those worried faces. Sigh, Bad start to a mundane Monday.

P.S: The girl under reference is me – the gymnastics trying , early getting up , internship going, train traveling woman.
P.P.S 1 : Next time, I shall adhere to the rule on the board in the entrance of every compartment – “ Please do exercise care while entraining and detraining”
P.P.S 2: I shall never try mimicking those college going fellas. Never. Actions come with practice , yes, but I shall not risk a fall again. Anyway, you can’t experiment this with the MRTs :P